What to Wear on a Romantic Occasion

Being asked out on Valentine’s Day can be romantic and  exciting. Whether your new boyfriend wants to take you on a sexy date or your  husband wants to treat you to an elegant evening dinner, you’ll need to dress  for love! Use these tips and ideas to figure out what to wear on St.  Valentine’s Day to make the holiday of love full of fashionable fun.

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Choosing Your Color  Wisely – Why Not Red, Pink or Hearts

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like wearing red or pink. While  these colors may be too bold for everyday wear, they are more than acceptable  for the holiday of love. When choosing your perfect red or pink outfit, think  about your skin tone and hair color. There are thousands of shades of both colors,  allowing you to wear one which will compliment your skin. Those with dark hair  can get away with bolder colors of red. Those with light hair should stick with  cooler shades of red or pink. However, those with red hair should steer clear  of red altogether and choose a nice light pink for the holiday. If you can  fathom wearing either red or pink in your outfit, consider celebrating the  holiday with accessories. Add a red scarf to your black suit or a pink belt to  your little back dress.

Get Flirty In a Skirt

If you want to look like you’re up for a little flirting  fun, think about choosing a skirt for your Valentine’s Date. Since this holiday  is extremely romantic, it’s a great idea for you to embrace your feminine style  and dress like a lady. A great red, pink or black dress is ideal. However, a  great A-line or pencil skirt can make just as great of an impression. Pair it  with a form fitting top, high heels and soft jewelry for maximum fashion style.


Sexy Lingerie Makes A Statement – Even if it is Just  for You

Whether you plan on showing it off or not, lingerie is a  “must” on a Valentine’s Date. Lingerie automatically makes a woman feel more  feminine, sexy and attractive. Thus, it’s a great idea to buy something new to  wear under your clothing for a romantic date on Valentine’s Day. Even if you  don’t allow anyone else to sneak a peek, you’ll feel sexier just by having it  on.

Makeup &  Hairstyles for Romantic Evenings

Valentine’s Date makeup should be suited for the activity.  For example, if your date is taking you on a romantic ice skating date in New York City, there’s no  need for full makeup and extravagant hairstyles. Instead, choose to keep it  simple and sweet with rosy cheeks, glossy lips and a neutral eye. Keep your  hair simple and romantic by curling it into soft curls and pulling it into a  ponytail.

However, if your date is in the evening think about using a  smoky eye makeup technique, red gloss on the lips and rosy cheeks. For extra  shimmer, skip the glitter (it’s only reserved for teens and young girls) and  instead use a champagne body shimmer on your cheeks and cleavage. In a pinch  you can substitute the genuine body shimmer for shimmering white eye shadow or  highlighting cream. An evening date requires more sophisticated hair so choose  a fancy up-do, a simple bun or loose and flowing curls.

Clothing To Avoid –  Keep it Elegant

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you should  pull out the hearts and cupid imprinted turtleneck or the homemade holiday  sweatshirt. Instead, choose to be festive in a more subtle manner. You can  quickly add a sense of holiday fun to an outfit my using metallic accessories  to celebrate. A scarf with a metallic stripe in it or even a shirt with a  silver pinstripe can instantly scream “holiday” while still allowing you to  look classy and in fashion..


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