Applying Eye Shadow to Your Eye Frame

The eye has a frame and knowing the frame and margin will help you when applying eye makeup and give you ease, confidence and style.


Applying Eye Makeup

Brow Bone:

The brow bone is directly under the eyebrow. This is where you will apply your lightest shade.

The Lid:

The lid is the center of the eyelid. It is directly under the crease and right above the lash line.

The Crease:

The crease is right below the brow bone and right above the lid. The crease also extends down to where there is an upside down v on the right of the eye. It looks like this “

Tear Duct:

Is the very inner corner of your eye closest to your nose.

Lash line:

This area is slightly above your eyelashes. Eyeliner can be smudged into your lash line or you can apply a nice even line across your lid on your lash line.

Best Way to Apply Eye shadow

The best and easiest way to apply eye shadow is by using synthetic makeup brushes.

The little sponge tip applicator that comes with eye shadow is usually very poor quality. In the long run it’s worth your money to invest in a eye shadow brush. Not only can you apply eye shadow more smoothly, but you can apply more evenly and its easier to control the color in your eye boundaries.

Eye shadow Tips.Eye makeup is so much fun to play with and to add a personal creative edge to our natural looks. A lot of the time we get a little intimidated of all the different eye shadow applications and techniques and it can be a little daunting. We will show you the basics of how to apply eye makeup on this page and hopefully encourage you with bunches and bunches of eye shadow ideas!

Do not be dismayed, these steps to applying eye shadow will be as simple as 1,2,3! And give a simple explanation on how to create easy eye makeup tricks.

Motives Eye Shadow Makeup

We are using Motives by Loren Ridinger, for our eye shadow tutorials and most of our makeup tips. Motives is a new high end beauty product line that we have fallen in love with.

Their eye makeup is Paraben, fragrance and oil free. They offer cutting-edge style and a wide variety of attractive colors. Motives offers over 90 eye shadow colors in three different formulas, pressed, creme and loose mineral blend.

Check out the Motives eye shadow colors at the bottom of this page. We love their eye shadow because of their long lasting wear and quality, they are also very affordable. The pressed shadows have a velvety smooth feel when applied and are very high in pigmentation. The creme eye shadows are long wearing non creasing with a silky finish.